Join To Vendemmia (Harvest)

A unique way to
experience a real Campania tradition is to participate in the vendemmia

A utumn is an ideal time to visit Campania. The busy tourist season winds down as families return to work and school after the summer holidays, and many of the shops which close in August reopen for business with renewed vitality and merchandise. The Campania landscape also has a different appeal in the fall months, with the leaves of trees and grapevines turning from green to regal shades of bright gold and rich red.

September also marks the beginning of the vendemmia, or grape harvest. Wine is important to the economy of Italy, and uniquely Campania varieties such as Aglianico DOCG, Fiano DOCG, Taurasi DOCG, and Greco di Tufo DOCG are world-famous. A unique way to experience a real Campania tradition is to participate in the vendemmia by joining a wine tour during the harvest season. By learning the steps of the winemaking process in a hands-on fashion, you will have a new appreciation for every glass of wine you enjoy thereafter.

T he grape selection is a crucial part of the winemaking process. In general, the grapes should not be picked until they have reached the right level of sweetness. As such, exact dates for the harvest are determined by weather conditions, since temperatures and rain fall measurements greatly influence the maturity of the fruit. Harvesters meet in the vineyard quite early in the morning. Some workers are charged with cutting bunches of the fruit and setting them gently in a basket or other container. Others gather the crates of picked fruit and transport them to the wine cellar for processing.

Grape harvesting excursions typically include a fun and educational explanation about how wine is derived from the grapes. Of course, the process actually begins with a deep respect for and care of the land itself, so that vines remain productive year after year. Storing and aging techniques are explained by seasoned vintners, who introduce guests to the machinery involved in the process, and explain how wine varieties differ from one another. The true wine enthusiast may benefit from visiting more than one vineyard during their Tuscan holidays!